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Susie Q soaking up some sunshine


Sam and I went to Ligonier, IN to Hickland Farms. Met the nicest people and got these two Belgian beauties.

Some of our girls..

Suzy and Terrie


Lulu just a few minutes after she was born.

Lulu's first nursing.

Suzy Q and Lulu.

Lulu. This Big Girl started wearing a halter in her first week.

LuLu is 5 weeks old time is flying by...

Look how big LuLu's getting...



Big Rhonda

Big Rhonda

This is Terri, first time harnessed and worked to the wagon.

My Blackie

Check out these legs!!! New addition to the farm.





Prissy helping in the flower bed.

The choice of transportation varies at my house...this is my favorite for the evening or Sunday after church.

Prissy helping in the flower beds...



This is Concerto the Sire of our Lulu...Sam is over 6 foot tall...

Sam and our gaited mule, Ruth.

Moss Hollow Farm welcomes a new Jenny. These BIG EARS were born on May 15, 2015. Her dam is called Sugar so we will call her Sugar Baby.


Flash is getting big...his halter is wayyyyyyyy to small....

Sugar Baby, Williamson County Fair 2015

Sugar Baby, Williamson County Fair 2015

Sugar Baby Lincoln County Fair Blue Ribbon Jennet colt and a 2nd place

Flash and Sugar Baby

Sugar Baby and Flash

Bill and Nell

Ruth and Jean


Full brother/sister team, Bill

Full brother/sister team, Nell


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